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The Value of 3D Design

     3D allows the Owners to truly comprehend the Architect's proposals.

    3D allows us to envision and coordinate the Interiors with the structure.

    3D makes the Design Strategy clear, so we can all properly evaluate it.

Architecture requires strategic, three-dimensional thinking.  What geometric forms, for example, will accommodate the Owner's new facilities?  How could the different forms be put together?  How can they be arranged on the site to make the most of its virtues?  How can they be cost-effectively built.  3D cad is a great tool for tackling the difficulties of architectural design.  It is even better for communicating with the Owners and Builders.

The CAD programs most people use can only generate a 3D view after the key decisions are final.  The 3D program we use comes from Europe, and it is tailored for custom designers like us.  Almost everything we draw is 3D, and therefore in a form we can all fully comprehend.  (See floor plan at top.)

From the Owners point of view, 3D design offers great value:

  • Owners easily grasp the pros and cons of our initial floor plan proposals.
  • We can all assess the impact of alternatives by modeling them in 3D.
  • 3D automatically shows all components in every view, which discloses conflicts early on, when they can be cost-effectively addressed.
  • We can better manage the intersections of structure, ductwork, piping, etc. to reduce construction costs and delays.
  • Builders can visualize their work, which leads to better pricing and fewer errors.

These advantages produce a superior design documents and fewer construction errors.   Both outcomes are to the benefit of the Owner in terms of their happiness, time and money.  

In short, 3D design enables the Architect, Craftsmen and Owners to much better "co-operate" as a well informed Team.

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The illustrations above are typical products of our 3D computer design (CAD).