Winding Creek - Design Strategy

The House is conceived as a series of pavilions that step along a gentle ridge, so each of the central family spaces can, in its own way, enjoy the creek as it bends around the site. Being linked by their corners, each pavilion allows the others a sweeping view.  This design strategy opens the interiors up to the out-of-doors, to create an intimacy between house and landscape, that could not otherwise exist.  It helps the Owners repeatedly enjoy the natural beauty of their site.

The path from guest wing to family core moves behind the Living Room's chimney, increasing the drama and "sacredness" of that living space, much the way an arcade celebrates the courtyard it skirts.  There's joy in walking around such a space, and there's joy in being in it. It is a two-story volume, this Living Room, with skylights that accentuate its courtyard character.  Whenever the weather loses its appeal, the central fireplace is there to shift our pleasure indoors.  All of this is a part of design strategy, too.

Photos by CB

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