Dark and anonymous, this House at Deep Landing borrows
its pyramidal form and mystery from the pine woods.

The Owners wanted a large, airy Living Room. We created it with an expansive view of the river in two directions.  The lacy trusses overhead are field-built (inexpensive) and designed to enhance the airiness of the room.

The Master Suite is upstairs, tucked under the roof.  Field-built tie-joists run low overhead to connect the upper chords of the roof trusses.  Although sunlit and airy, the Master Suite still seems to have the special mystery of an attic loft. It's "roof windows" (the low skylights visible beyond the bed) capture river views for the home office, even when you are sitting down.
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Deep Landing - Angles
The Chester River, Queen Anne's Co.

Achieving the Owner's Goals

The Owners wanted their new riverfront house to have a white interior, to display their artwork and collection of orientals.  They needed it to be relatively inexpensive.  In response, we created an airy house by featuring field-built structural components, and by running the ceilings on high-pitched rafters. 

Dark and anonymous, this House at Deep Landing borrows its pyramidal form and mystery from the pine woods.  Inside, the house is a bright clearing with light entering from openings above.


Perched on the bluff, the house overlooks a deep-water bend on the Chester River.  It is oriented at 45 degrees to enjoy the long vistas up and down the river.


The first floor living spaces step back for optimum views.  The living room and stair hall are two-story, airy spaces enjoying light from above and sharing it with adjacent spaces.


Upstairs, the master suite is sheltered under the upper reaches of the roof, almost into the attic framing.  A fireplace core (including built-in stereo/cabinet, bookcases, bedstead and night tables) shapes one large room into a cozy den, office, dressing area and bedroom.  Off the bedroom, the private balcony has panoramic views of of the Chester River.

The Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the American Institute of Architects gave this house a Design Award in 1992 citing how it "...fits naturally into its wooded surroundings" and is sited to "take advantage of the long views up and down the river.  In contrast to its dark exterior, the interior is airy and filled with light.  The ship-like quality of the upper level, nestled in the attic eaves, is especially appropriate to the site."

We always seek a strategy that captures the joys of the site.  That is a core goal.  The other core goal is to create patterns of relationships that reflects how the Owners want to live,  their familial and social interaction.  From the outset we seek to make architecture within the intersection of the joys of the nature and the joys of daily living.

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