Generous Porches Overlook the Ravine

At Chesapeake Architects we believe architecture is about creating value for the Owners.   How this can be accomplished varies with what the owners want, and with the character of the site.
There are usually three aspects:

♦ spaces that bring enjoyment to daily life
♦ engaging the landscape in a way that makes its natural assets accessible and intimate
♦ the overall character of a habitat which others find appealing at resale

The Porches from the Ravine

The Porches are Staggered to Optimize their Views of the Ravine.

3D Birds eye View of the First Floor

As our 3D computer view at the top of this page shows, this cottage stands at the edge of a ravine.
The core living spaces are arranged with large windows so they can enjoy the beauty of this ravine. The generous porches, (for sitting and dining) are likewise oriented to partake of the landscape.

Our Site Design Strategy

  A small house on a tight site, this new cottage is most cost-effectively located on virtually the same footprint as the original structure. This location allows a new septic system to go in between the house and the street, with the new well on the far south side of the lot. This maintains the 50-foot required separation of the well from the septic field.

   Most importantly, the whole house is oriented to enjoy the wooded ravine, the screened porches to catch the summer breezes, and the entry porch to welcome us home.

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